Our Original Blends & Rubs

All our own recipes, made in batches of twelve, to insure quality and consistency.

If stir fry is on the menu, this is your seasoning of choice. Onion, garlic and sea salt balance the distinct flavor of ginger in this American-Asian spice blend: all together creating a near-universal quality as well as numerous health benefits. Adding chives, turmeric, and crushed chili pepper lends complexity while the subtle addition of sesame seeds creates texture and an appealing presentation sure to delight your family and dinner guests.

Recommendations: Poultry, seafood, and vegetable dishes.

Is it the best ever? Okay, maybe it’s just our opinion, but if you ask our taco- seasoning- devotees and they just might agree. The perfect blend of cumin, onion, and garlic, paired with paprika and chili pepper, make for a traditional taco seasoning with just enough heat to agree with the entire family.

Recommendations: Ground beef, chicken, and beans.

Good Cajun cuisine starts with onion, garlic, cayenne, celery and peppercorn. That’s exactly where we start. The addition of paprika, sea salt, and some traditional herbs of the region create a seasoning which captures the experience of dining in the French quarter. So whether used in a rice dish or blackened shrimp, the complexity, heat and occasional burst of celery seed will never disappoint!

Recommendations: Just about anything!

From roasted chicken for Sunday’s dinner to drumsticks at a family picnic, our Country Style poultry seasoning is always a crowd pleaser. Garlic, sea salt, and paprika give this blend a universal appeal, while bay leaf lends a distinctive flavor, putting it a cut above other poultry seasonings.

Recommendations: Poultry, pork, and potatoes.

This seasoning starts with a base of mustard, garlic, and sea salt added to a few herbs common to Greek cooking. Greek Festival compliments lamb nicely, but don’t stop there! Once our innovative customers started using it to season chicken and fish (salmon in particular), it quickly became one of Meadowbourne’s best sellers. We have even heard tell of people adding it to potato salad. Perhaps the most versatile of all our blends!

Recommendations: Lamb, poultry, and fish.

It’s truly an original. The flavor as well as the health benefits of turmeric, and zesty dill weed, along with onion, garlic and paprika, set the foundation for this universal seafood seasoning. The addition of chives, celery seed and spices create a complexity of flavors while maintaining a delicate blend that compliments – yet never overpowers- even the mildest of seafood.

Recommendations: All seafood, chowders, and vegetables.

A traditional Jamaican jerk rub always includes thyme and allspice as the dominant flavors, with hints of cinnamon and nutmeg. We add a bit of sweetness (Turbinado sugar), balanced with onion, garlic, paprika and sea salt. No Jamaican jerk would be complete without a kick. We add just enough heat to satisfy the aficionado, without sending dinner guests running for the nearest fire extinguisher.

Recommendations: Beef, poultry, seafood, rice, and vegetable dishes.

When beef and potatoes are on the menu, this is your “go to” seasoning, A blend of garlic, thyme, and sea salt, with hints of cayenne and paprika makes for a truly simple, natural flavor. Add a log cabin and a cast iron skillet, and you are sure to appreciate the rustic feel of this seasoning.

Recommendations: Steak, pot roast, and potatoes.

Note: Log cabin and cast iron skillet not included.

Here is an original steak seasoning with cracked peppercorn, dill seed, mustard seed, and sea salt lending texture and flavor to a backdrop of onion, garlic and paprika. It’s a robust combination that pays homage to Montreal steak seasoning, yet maintains a distinction all its own.

Recommendations: All cuts of steak.

Mexican-American food is great, but if you’re looking for a seasoning which captures a more authentic Mexican flavor, this is it! We begin with Mexican mainstays: cumin and garlic. After adding sea salt, a bit of Turbinado sugar for sweetness, and some low-grade heat (crushed red pepper and chili pepper powder) we finally round out with hints of cinnamon and cocoa.

Recommendations: Beef, poultry, and burgers

Tip: Sabor de México is a unique and delicious option for taco seasoning.

We give Spice Roma all the herbs of an Italian blend, but we don’t stop there. We add onion, garlic, crushed chili pepper, sea salt and black pepper, creating a complete package. Use Spice Roma as a rub on any choice of meat, add it to a sauce, or blend it with fresh pasta and olive oil, and enjoy the taste of Italy in a snap!

Recommendations: Beef, pork, poultry, pasta, and sauces.

We hope you like your neighbors, because grilling pork chops in the summer with Sweet n’ Savory is sure to attract them to your backyard! Garlic, onion, and paprika create a savory backdrop to contrast the addition of sweet Turbinado sugar in this blend, with a dash of cayenne giving it just a little “bite”. Add it to ribs or a pork loin and you’ve just redefined comfort food.

Recommendations: Pork, and poultry.